As we promised, we have built the latest and most sophisticated global use phone app system: Hola, a cryptographic communications system (CCS) for both business and personal use. The App information is available at and available for download the first quarter of 2019.

Hola is offered as 3 packages:

Basic System – Free to download and use. This system includes: Encrypted p2p phone calling, Encrypted text messaging, Encrypted Data, Self-Destruct Messages and Data, Unlimited Groups, built with Cloud Computing speed. All storage on user phone only.

Premium System – Priced at $24.99 a year. In addition to basic service: auto translator, conference calling for up to 10 people, video calling, entry point pin code, online invisibility (no one knows you are online), and blockchain storage for your data only accessible to you through our private key. all built with cloud computing speed.

Hola Affiliate System – Priced at $29.99. This system includes all premium features as described above, but also includes affiliate status allowing affiliates to create your their marketing / sales business around the Hola phone app. All marketing, information and additional business sales materials, plans, programs are available at .

We look forward to your participation with the Hola phone app. We are so happy with Hola that ALL our business communications will be conducted via Hola starting April 01, 2019. Remember, if you are not comfortable with our premium service or with our Affiliate program you can still participate with Hola phone app through our basic service.

One last word on Hola: we are offering all of our clients a free 7-day trial of our premium services package. Make conference calls, go invisible online and play with the message “destructor”. Please give it a try and let us know what you think. We are thrilled and we hope you will be too. Read more at: