After much market anticipation the new and exciting xChange Market Place, a digital online shopping space selling everything imaginable, is now very much open and accepting xBit Crypto for all purchases, says Dan Lazarus, Interim CEO.
“After the successful release of our ERC20 XGC Gold-backed stored-value crypto-currency, we realized that there was a great need for a non-volatile crypto-currency.” Along came xBit, a gold-backed stable coin for everyday use, and  the perfect medium for instant online usability.
It’s true, the release of xBit in May has been a great success but there is still a noticeable lack of convertibility in the general crypto market.  To solve this problem, the team at xChange has partnered with xPayments to bring instant and affordable crypto-convertibility. “Let’s face it”, says Dan Lazarus, “you can’t buy much out there with crypto because it is too volatile. And, what you can buy is expensive due to the conversion costs of crypto, but moreover, with the willingness of the converter to give a fair exchange. With xBit, you know the true costs of your purchases. We think this is a market changer”.
Now, with a true crypto marketplace up and running, and soon-to-be “complete Global Merchant Services” available through xPayments, xChange will be able to offer a place to convert Bitcoin and many other Altcoins into useable xBit crypto-currency accepted by many thousands of xChange’s approved vendors and over 1 million + variations of products. 
“Other exciting developments will see xBit and xGold used for payments of cloud computing services to the purchase of offshore corporations” says Dan Lazarus. And, says Dan, the newest of our crypto-products will be “Hola”, a genuine communication APP that has true encryption and fills a market gap left by big phone App systems that offer free phone App experience but very likely sell user information. How else do they pay their bills? 
The company will be posting updated information on their products as they are released this year. There is an evident paradigm shift in the global crypto-space. And, we are very excited at what we see as the future of useable crypto.