Final report for 2018

xGroup ICO will end December 10, 2018 after a year of successful business and development. It is worth noting xGold progressed towards additional licensing for new business, and expect results before the end of the year. This will provide all related payment options for the company and open additional doors towards advanced revenue streams, particularly in the gold market. Gold business has expanded in South America with several ongoing mining projects producing product. Additional projects are under review and several offers are pending. Refinery plans are in review and awaiting final approval before advancement. xGold Asia plans have slowed, largely due to the busy South American market. xGold continues to focus in the African mining market. xGroup will look to develop better banking arrangements as the crypto-currency and blockchain markets will add significant clients in the near term of 2019. And, xGold will improve their communications in 2019 by joining the Hola Brand for advanced web-phone secure communications systems. We look forward to a very positive new year.