This quarter has been a bright period for xGold. As predicted, the xGold team has been successful in taping into new mining experiences in line with the corporate plan. South America is very strong and we continue to enjoy the fruits of our labour. This, in terms of XGC only enhances its position as a hedge to the general market, particularly when north of the border is showing signs of struggling. Again, due to this general market tightening we see demand for Bullion storage increasing. We also see an increase in the general crypto market. As much as the USA government downplay the significance of digital coin, the larger corporate world will continue to move towards a new and positive crypto marketplace. We predict other countries will enhance their own opportunities and expand their digital footprint. As to the African business interests, it is paramount to understand the restrictions / cultures of these developing economies and keep expectations in line with technology. By doing so we see a bright light in the tunnel and expect good returns on our efforts. And, our eyes are positively on the increasing gold pricing. Uncertainty and recent global business unpredictability has pushed gold to good heights and we only see increasing profitability. Asian interests are moving along, as is our increasing blockchain interests. We predict this technology will be at the forefront of our success as our interests broaden and our corporate technology expands. Keep updated on all things xGold by visiting our xGroup Community or the xGold Blog.