Facebook challenges Belgian tracking ban

Facebook is challenging a Belgian court order preventing the company from tracking people without their consent.

A Brussels-based court ruled in 2018 that Facebook had broken privacy lawsand needed to delete illegally-gathered data on the country’s citizens.

The company is threatened with fines of 250,000 euros (£214,000) a day for non-compliance.

The social media giant is challenging the court order in a two-day hearing in a Brussels appeals court.

Broken privacy laws

In 2018, a Belgian court ordered Facebook to stop tracking the country’s citizens without their consent.

This included both Facebook users and those who did not use the company’s services.

The country’s privacy watchdog said that the social media platform had broken privacy laws by placing tracking code on third-party websites.

The court told Facebook that it must “stop following and recording internet use by people surfing in Belgium, until it complies with Belgian privacy laws”.