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Facebook reportedly gave other big tech companies “intrusive access” to the personal data of its 2.2. billion users — in some instances to private messages, usernames and contact information — raising questions about whether the company ran afoul of a 2011 consent agreement with the Federal Trade Commission. These secretive arrangements were ostensibly meant to benefit Facebook’s never-ending […]

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Australia has passed unprecedented legislation that will allow its spies to snoop on encrypted messages on services like Whatsapp, in a world-first that has alarmed privacy advocates and the tech industry. Under the legislation, police and intelligence agencies can force technology firms – including overseas communication giants like Facebook – to remove encrypted protection for people […]

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In Telegram messenger found the problem – a vulnerability that provides access to plain-text messages and media users, which are usually encrypted. It is reported by Bleeping Computer. “Telegram keeps your messages in natashabrowny SQLite database. At least I didn’t have to make any effort to find the key,” said an American engineer Nathaniel Sachi. […]

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After Facebook breach, Telegram desktop app leaks user data during voice calls ANI| Oct 01, 2018, 02.46 PM IST BERLIN [GERMANY]: Telegram’s desktop app had a major flaw that put both public and private IP addresses of users vulnerable during voice calls.Security researcher Dhiraj Mishra uncovered the flaw in Telegram’s peer-to-peer framework. As explained in […]

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