What is sayHola?

sayHola is all-in-one cyber-secure private communications system incorporating voice, video, conferencing, messaging, social, sales, and blockchain into a phone app.

Why with so many chatapps why was sayHola built?

sayHola was built because we felt the communications systems available were just not offering the services we needed and the privacy we all deserve. We wanted total cyber-privacy, multi-person conference capability, quality video chat, cloud computing and the ability to send and receive files, documents, and data. We also wanted to be available on sayHola without everyone knowing we were – and that’s basic privacy! What we eventually came up with exceeded our expectations so much so that we were willing to share it with our global customers, governments, and the public.

My current provider says my information can not be read and is encrypted. So, how is it that they can sell info that is encrypted?

Well, to understand why and how, first you have to ask yourself why and how they allow hundreds of millions of users access to the application and all its computing power for FREE? We take the approach that nothing is free and there has to be fine print. So we did the digging and this is a direct quote from the user policy on a global chat app company.

“In order to operate and provide our Services, you grant Whatsapp a worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free, sublicensable, and transferable license to use, reproduce, distribute, create derivative works of, display, and perform the information (including the content) that you upload, submit, store, send, or receive on or through our Services. The rights you grant in this license are for the limited purpose of operating and providing our Services”

All the FREE chat apps have something similar, and it is only understandable if you can disseminate the lengthy user and privacy policies of these lawyer written terms. So if your understanding is similar to ours, with the idea that nothing is FREE than you must now understand why we built sayHola. Check out our blog for more outsourced written articles on the subject.


App Awareness, Know Your Rights.



Well I have a FREE open source project Signal App that says it’s private.

We applaud open source projects and are beneficiaries to their use. But, as you know open source development is just that, its OPEN and at the knowledge of programmers private and public government and non-government. They all have access and can manipulate, hide or even convert data. For us, something as private as conversations should not be used under an open source system.

Signal, Is it private and free?

Well I use WhatApp that says it’s private, is it not?



I use Viber. I have not seen any small print so what would using them risk breaching my info?

Glad you name dropped the app you use. Again, ask yourself why FREE? Not looking for small print and even if they do not sell your content, is it possible a company like Viber that has sister companies and many sponsors cross share the info for their benefit? We just see a hole in the FREE application concept and question How and Why.

sayHola has related companies. Does sayHola share information?

sayHola does NOT share data. sayHola does use private services to validate phone numbers, but, apart from that, sayHola does NOT share.

What bad things do you have to say about Telegram, I use them and they are free?

Listen, we don’t think we say negative things about anybody, we just comment on the technology and how it’s built, and the respective privacy policies. Telegram – as an example – is useful if you live in countries that don’t block IP addresses and cause users to have to pay for other services like VPN’s, which can cost more than $100 USD a year. It’s great if an app can get funded by a super rich guy, but let’s face it, even that runs out and the super rich guy eventually wants to get some cash back. No different from another company that purchased a similar system for 19B (billion USD). Do we really think they are doing it for free? really?

Telegram proves to not be so SECURE with security leaks


Telegram discovered vulnerability: messages can be read by outsiders

What do you mean your service are more secure than other app?

Security cover a multitude of options like, encryption, private keys, storage of data.

For encryption Its not a matter of having this feature, first its whether you turn the feature on is usually the problem and is only susceptible to open air transmission theft and access. With HOLA this feature is already on and active and only decrypted with the apps private key itself, this private key is local and only belongs to you.

Private keys, we do not store private keys within the cloud network. Most chat providers maintain individual keys within the database on the network and these key are whats usually sold to governments for conversion. All client app have this key within the app itself once they register its maintained at the local level not on our network. So we do not and cannot grant anyone right to your content using your private keys.

Storage of data is free to most of these globalized chat companies as they get compensation to store and maintain all the information you have ever sent. For us using paid cloud solutions, we are costed with storing this information, so we choose not to as it would be above our financial capabilities to do so as we do not wish to be a part of the global empire of content sales. As far as premium storage, that space is only accessible using your private key. We can only see if we choose to look, encrypted 1’s and 0’s.

You comment on many apps. What’s the downside of using sayHola?

Well, we have a basic service that offers dedicated privacy. Our primary service, which truly reflects our professional character does cost to function properly. OK, our downside is you have to pay. But, the upside is that you are truly paying for a real service and not getting a “free” service that might just be costing you your privacy.


What is tru-privacy?

When you join sayHola communications you enter certain information specific to opening an account. Note: sayHola does not sell, rent, lease, bundle, or otherwise propagate any of your information in any way to any party. Your information is always private.



With Tru-Privacy does sayHola connect to Social Media?

Outside of sayHola Social Space, sayHola does not hook or API to any social apps. We don’t even allow you to signup or register with social media. This guarantees that your content is never shared.



How does Hola pay for Services?

sayHola operates a fully encrypted system that costs money to run. We offer a basic system that is free to use. sayHola also offers a premium system which pays the costs of running the company including wages, rents, hardware, software, upgrades, electricity and security and more.

What is the cost of Premium Hola?

sayHola is built on “old-school” ethics. We believe in paying for what we want. If that means building out a better communications app than any other on the market it is because we value privacy in an ever suffocating world of governments and corporations trying to find out more about you so they can sell you more stuff. If your values and thoughts are like ours you will benefit greatly with sayHola free or sayHola Premium. Premium service is $29.99 per year.

How much cloud or phone storage does the Hola app need?

It all depends on how much content you send monthly. The high end user consumes roughly 1000MB of storage space annually. If you’re a premium subscriber we have you covered as we provide 1 GB of secure cloud storage.

I use another app because it has free data with my carrier, how much data does Hola use?

Great question, the following is a screen shot of a high end user.

You can simply access your current app usage by going to the apps data and storage usage.

This particular app shows 23,277 messages sent in one year at a total of 151.5 MB divide by 12 months would be 12.63 MB per month. Not much usage for text

The app shows 711.5 MB of media, meaning calls, voice, video and photos. That’s 59.29MB per month.

You can expect a high end user needing less than 100 MB of internet usage for an entire month. Not much for such a highly used app feature.

Is sayHola free to use?

Though we offer a free version with less features, truly nothing is free. Nothing. We always say follow the money. If someone is offering a service for free we ask, how is that possible? It is NOT. When big firms team up on social media offering free services we question their motives. Our Blog may offer us some clues to how they operate for “FREE”

Is Hola restricting use in certain countries?

sayHola does not compromise of security. If we face encouragement to divulge code we will do the right thing and always protect our services and our users.

What languages does sayHola translate?

With our private AI learning servers we cover just about all languages. We do not allow API connections to any third party translation systems. sayHola believes in Tru-Privacy and will not compromise the integrity of our users security. Test drive sayHola and see for yourself.

Where is sayHola based?

The sayHola Development Team is not based in a particular country but rather our Development Team are a group of texperts based in multiple countries connected for through our common goals. This diaspora allows our functionality to continue regardless of outside pressures.

Who is sayHola?

sayHola is everyone that values personal and business privacy and security when engaging in any type of communications over a mobile phone system.