What should be considered for federal and state compliance in the US?

We do not yet have a clear position of the compliance requirements. We strongly recommend formulating one with an attorney or compliance firm. Please see our Due Diligence Questionnaire if you plan on launching a machine in the US

Do all US states require a money transmitter license for operating Digital currency ATMs?

Not all states do. States such as Texas and New Hampshire have made it clear that if no third party is involved, no license is required. This means that the operator sells directly to the end-user, without involving additional parties, such as exchanges or agents. We recommend contacting any state in question and inquiring.

How are the kiosk secured?

The kiosk ATM-Ultra are designed to be anchored into the floor with four M12 bolts.

How many notes can the ATM-Ultra hold?

The ATM-Ultra cash box holds 600 notes.

How is the machine connected to the network?

Ethernet or Wi-Fi. A wired connection is highly preferred. If wireless, a dedicated connection such as a 3G hotspot is best.

What are the environmental requirements of the unit?

The machines are designed for indoor use.

What would be involved to customize the exterior appearance of the unit?

Powder coating in different colors is an option for larger orders. It would have to be a RAL color. Vinyl cut logos are an option as well. Graphics must be supplied.