Do I need a storefront if I am listed in a directory of xBit accepted here?

You don’t need a store, but sales is about exposure: the greater you expose your goods and services the greater your sales should be. Give yourself the best chance at success: go big!

Can I add a service as an item on the marketplace?

You as a vendor can market your goods and services as long as xChange has approved them.

What does merchant hands off service mean?

“Hands-off” means an affiliate of xChange will post, upload and configure everything you need to get your online market place store up and ready for sales. Also, they will continue to work with you.

What does merchant hands on service mean?

“Hands-on” means you as a vendor will be doing ALL the posting, uploading and configuring for your market place store yourself

How long does it take to get new products approved?

It depends on the product. Some fall into categories that need additional research. However, generally you will get approval within 3 days.

How often do I get paid my merchant commission?

Your commissions are built into our system and paid on completion of delivery of an order through a sale. You get paid when the vendor gets paid. All sales commissions pending and paid are in the vendor dashboard.