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4. xChange Operating System

xChange Server Power and Operating System
xChange payment and transactional system is a game changer: no more “game” style system, no more  irrational payments for extreme-volatile crypto.  Traditional Bitcoin mining has been by definition “One person meeting another at a specific time and location and saying I agree with what he said”. For xChange, we understand that it’s computers that take this role and not humans. Miners want to be paid for:  a) having purchased hardware and b) providing the computing energy for confirmations. We at xChange once again remove the interloper. We strategically use AWS enterprise services to do our computing power and consensus mining with greater efficiently, safely, and at a far lower cost. In return, this allows us to give back to the xChange Blockchain Community instead of the mining interloper.
Operating System
Ubuntu is an open source Linux operating system for cloud enterprise computing. Ubuntu runs on the most popular architectures, including Intel, AMD, and ARM-based machines. Ubuntu is the most popular operating system running in hosted environments, so-called "clouds", as it is the most popular server system in Linux distribution.
Operating Safety
The simple truth is Ubuntu is used by most enterprises for its security, and features of speed in cloud computing. Matched with robust hardware it is the top choice of all enterprise computing giants.
AWS has the top global enterprising companies, and most popular hardware enterprise user systems on the planet. xChange Blockchain is hosted on a 64-Bit (AMI) 61Gib Memory, (8)eight virtual cores, Multi location (1,900) nineteen-hundred NVMe SSD Storage, With the highest volume Ethernet Network connectivity. Wow, go crypto.
Last Updated On March 16, 2018
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