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Recruitment Scripts

The following are examples of approved scripts for your marketing use. You may adjust to personalise them. These examples are true facts. When representing your position as an Affiliate with xHola, please ensure your modifications reflect only truth and fact.

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Facts and Information

sayHola FACTS

1. The idea is buy premium access to sayHola APP. Cost $29.99 a year
2. It has a 5 week strategy and ends at 5 weeks.
3. Only millenniums will get it. WHY? Technology and Making easy money they get.
4. You really only have to work the first 2 weeks.
5. Week 1 you look for 10 people to buy the premium app. Usually your friends you talk to daily.
6. Second week train them and help them with their 10.
7. By week 3 its pretty much a unstoppable strategy for only having spent $29 and change text habits
8. New year renewal generates the same commission
9. You make commission for everyone that signs up, not just completing the strategy.
10. A completed 5 week strategy pays $403,090.00
11. A Strategy of less still pays very well.

The sayHola way forward

1. Affiliates will buy Premium sayHola APP at a Cost of $29 each year
2. Affiliates will Follow a 5 week strategy
3. Week 1, Affiliates sell Hola Affiliate Premium App to their best 10 contacts
4. Week 2, Affiliates will train their best 10 contacts to sell sayHola Affiliate Premium App to their best 10 contacts
5. Repeat for 3 more weeks.
6. Key to success is teamwork – Train your team to bring you success.
7. A complete program pays $403,090.00 US Dollars!

Registration Process

2. Register your phone number and login.
3. Once logged in select and pay for premium – xHola $29.99
4. Once paid you will be asked who your sponsor is, that’s where you enter your sponsors phone number.
5. Now you can download the app and install on your phone and enter into the app.
6. Now all you have to do is recruit 10 people to do the same the first week.
They will follow these exact instructions. If everyone does the exact steps and registers 10 people each, not 8 and not 13 but 10 people, you will make money. If everyone follows exactly the process everyone will make $403 in 5 week from when they started because everyone that registers below you do 10 each calculates to $403K in commissions

MLM Facts

1. Most MLM is buy inventory sell and recruit or bitcoin garbage.
2. Online business is the future but selling online goods is complicated with completion.
3. MLM offer hopeless strategies and most earn zero.
4. Millenniums are looking for best apps and best ways to earn income.
5. Older generation uses Facebook 100% old school and boring.
6. No MLM strategy that has best action plan in place.
7. MLM if it does not ask for money is more less a SCAM.
8. Money cannot be created without a source of either stealing from people or having a great sellable product.

TEN (10) reasons to join xHola Affiliate commission program.

  1. Only way to earn over $400k in part-time yearly sales
  2. Offers Residual Incomes – Huge
  3. App is cool, and my friends use similar Apps
  4. Cost of Product is Cheap – $29.99
  5. My Commissions go directly to my Wallet
  6. I can see my Affiliate downline – so no cheating
  7. Can sell this product anywhere – no restrictions
  8. I already have 300 friends using similar Apps so easy sale
  9. No buy-in of inventory No fake promises, just sell and get paid. I like real!
  10. By far, the fastest way to make $403,090 outside of robbing a bank!

TEN (10) reasons to use sayHola phone app:

  1. I like my privacy
  2. I Can use Phone and Blog in same App
  3. Great callOut feature for my business blog
  4. I love the translation feature
  5. Secure digital blockchain wallet
  6. I can be invisible anytime I want
  7. Has live-chat options for my business site
  8. sayHola is easy to use
  9. Whatsapp and Telegram sell my data
  10. So much better than what’s out there

Frequently Asked Questions xHola

Are there any guarantees?

We offer one guarantee only. If you’re not happy within one year of the program, and have not at least earned what you paid to enter the program, we will discontinue your premium service and refund you 100% of the money paid to become an Affiliate.

How do I get Paid

This part is not only Easy but it’s Super Fast and low cost to everyone. Commissions are paid on demand to your sayHola wallet and can be accessed through your dashboard or you sayHola phone app. Once you hold a sufficient balance, you can request a withdrawal to your myxpay wallet. The process is instant if you are already a myxpay wallet owner. Once the transfer has been made, you can convert the commission using the my xPay tab to ACH wire to your bank account or convert your xPay into xBit to be used and spent in the marketplace or with hundreds of thousands of vendor products globally.

How does xHola pay Commissions?

Commissions are generated from premium app subscriptions. We do not have nor generate other revenues to pay affiliates. The program was designed to build a user network through affiliates rather than advertising. We believe in grass-roots growth and prefer to build organically with a strong affiliate family rather than through media empires. In depth strategy and business examples are available through authorized and trained xHola affiliates.

How soon can I get Started?

 You can start after this call by going to to register. Once you have paid, you will receive a 16 digit registration code which you will use to complete the Affiliate registration part. You will need your sponsors cellphone number and name to complete the registration. Once you’re registered you will have access to the Affiliate dashboard which gives you the genealogy of all the Affiliates directly and indirectly recruited through you.

How to sign up if you dont know an Affiliate?

Simple stuff: first register with and and pay the 29.99 for the premium app and the position of Affiliate. Once you get to the part that requires a sponsors phone number enter 6504607776. once your registration is completed, we will get you the best training so you can start building your affiliate sales group. If you need additional help, we will make sure you get what you need by pairing you with a seasoned sales professional and help you polish your sales skills. In no time you will be adding other Affiliates and training them yourself. Success is always there for those that genuinely seek it out. Sign up today!


Is xHola MLM?

Well, Multilevel Marketing, or MLM, is a system for selling goods or services through a network of distributors, and also referred to as Network Marketing or Direct Sales. Critical clues are when a company is focused on signing people and not selling products.


Than what is xHola?

xHola is not a Multi-level Marketing company. Though we do like the ideas and strategy that they are built on. xHola is built on the idea of affiliates working together and growing business opportunities by converting chat app users to sayHola chat users and paying a commission for the conversion sale. For sure, we have adopted some similar ideas in the way of commission structures, but for that matter so has many top fortune 100% company sales forces.


What happens when I finish my Affiliate 10x10 strategy?

Congratulations, and a Great question. Most entrepreneurs will want to continue the momentum of the 10×10 strategy as many times as they can. Remember, each new 10×10 strategy comes with the same commission structure and also allows for residual income. Yes, ongoing residual income. You wont find that kind of offer anywhere else!


What is residual income and when do I earn it?

Residual income comes from annual renewals. When the year expires for any sayHola Phone App user, the user must renew to maintain the services. When this happens, all of your 10×10 strategy Affiliates will renew the xHola Phone App and the admin fee. This renewal becomes your residual commission and is paid to you at the same rate that the strategy paid to you at the time the service was installed and completed.


What is the responsibility of an Affiliate?

Very simply, direct sales and the recruitment of Affiliates. We are looking for sales people who are looking for business opportunities as primary job occupations or even looking to supplement their incomes. Promoting the sayHola app is in itself exciting. Of course, a dedicated Affiliate will be actively recruiting other like minded people. It is true, an Affiliate will benefit the most by recruiting other Affiliates as they will receive commissions of the sales generated. A Great product leads to great opportunities.


When does the Affiliate renewal have to be completed?

Renewal notifications of the sayHola Phone App are sent automatically prior to the App expiring. But, as with all good management, it is the responsibility of the Affiliate to make sure his team renews the admin fee along with the app fee at the same time. 


Why do I have to pay a fee to join?

You are embarking on your own independent business enterprise. The xHola Beta $29.99 covers your premium phone app service, and includes two extra features valued at $10.00. The fee covers the Affiliate status set-up with the e-commerce sites that run the Affiliate program, full training, and support. Join and be part of something bigger.